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Celebrating Tuchali

A children's picture book about the power of a little piece of love.
Available in paperback and ebook!

Few things in life are as miraculous as a parent’s love for their babies. A young picture book, Tuchali personifies the invisible yet enduring love passed from parent to child from birth ‘til forever. A Choctaw word meaning “a piece,” Tuchali represents the original love we each carry with us, wherever we go, whatever we do.

Tuchali: Welcome

Diverse, lovable characters kids can relate to

A relatable, gender-neutral main character sports hair the sprectrum of the human palette. As they go to school and face all of life's journeys, Tuchali is ever present. Teensy, yes; but oh, what protective powers Tuchali possesses!

Tuchali: Welcome

Go on fun and fantastical adventures

With Tuchali by their side, our protagonist presses on, over land, sea and space, bravely facing (and shaping) what life brings.

Tuchali: Welcome

Learn about love and universal connection

Tuchali exalts all of humankind to remember, acknowledge and draw upon the individual power of that piece of passed-down heart and soul within them. Tuchali is a reminder that we are inescapably connected, and therefore never truly alone.

Tuchali: Welcome

Available as an ebook and paperback.

Thank you for considering gifting a copy to someone you adore.

Tuchali: Welcome
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