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Civil Renaissance

"Be better. Do better." - Oprah 

Special thanks! to the men of U.S. Soccer who made pay equality possible. 

"Because this advancement doesn't happen without the men championing this."
Cindy Parlow Cone, president, U.S. Soccer

So many industries still need equalizing. Many women would very much like to work and be equally represented in the following industries, but they are currently over-represented and ruled by men:

  • Politics and legislation

  • Engineering - a draft proposal

  • Finance

  • Space and aviation - MacKenzie would do better with Blue Origin

  • Film, media, the arts

Boo, to Civil War. But a Civil Renaissance? Yes, please! 

Please kindly join in designing America’s next big thing: Equality.

This public service campaign is inspired by the phenomenal and brave hearts of the Hampton Veterans Affairs Medical Center women’s therapy group. 

Civil Renaissance: About
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