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Teach them to TELL

More than 90% of women in jail* report they were sexually abused as minors—underscoring the high cost of underage sex abuse to all of society, not just the victims. While a small percentage of predators are women, the vast majority are men. Worse, they are men known to their victims. A therapist told me incest is “America’s Greatest Unspoken Shame” and happens in about 1 in 4 households. Therefore, teaching children about “Stranger Danger” does not go far enough. The children are not the problem—the predators (mostly men) are. To help stop the abuse, consider committing to the Cherish Pledge for all the children you love. Teach minors to TELL. Because exposing and identifying predators is the ONLY way to stop them. The pledge is free, but priceless.

              Consider showing your love further by sharing a copy of Tuchali. One percent of annual proceeds will go to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

*A 2022/2023 informal but statistically valid survey of women at Virginia Beach Correctional Center.

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